Sea of Galilee


The Sea of Galilee Tour is an opportunity to explore the sites associated with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in the Sea of Galilee region. The tour is designed to give visitors a deeper understanding of the religious and historical significance of the area, and the impact it has had on Christianity. The tour includes visits to the churches and historical sites commemorating the life and miracles of Jesus, as well as an optional boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, where visitors can learn about the history of the sea and its significance to Christianity.
1. Begin your tour in Capernaum, a town where Jesus spent a significant amount of time during his ministry. Visit the ancient ruins, including the synagogue where Jesus taught, and explore the archaeological site that reveals the remains of the village. Gain insights into the life and teachings of Jesus in this important biblical location.
2. Proceed to Mount Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Enjoy the serene surroundings and visit the beautiful church located at the top of the hill. Reflect on the Beatitudes and their message of spiritual blessings and ethical teachings.
3. Visit Magdala, a town associated with Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ followers. Explore the archaeological site that has revealed the remains of a first-century synagogue and other structures. Learn about the significance of Magdala in biblical history and its connection to Jesus’ ministry.
4. Continue to the Church of the Multiplication in Tabgha, the site traditionally associated with the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes. Explore the church and its beautiful mosaic depicting the miracle. Take a moment to reflect on Jesus’ teachings and his ability to provide for the multitude.
5. Visit the Church of Peter’s Primacy, located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. This site is believed to be where Jesus reinstated Peter as the leader of the disciples. Learn about the biblical events that took place here and reflect on the importance of leadership and discipleship in Christianity.
6. Explore the Galilee Ancient Boat, also known as the Jesus Boat, displayed in a dedicated museum. This ancient fishing boat from the first century was discovered in the Sea of Galilee and offers insights into the maritime history of the region during Jesus’ time.
7. Enjoy a shared boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, recreating the experience of Jesus and his disciples on the water. Take in the scenic views and embrace the tranquil atmosphere of this significant biblical body of water.

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CapernaumMount Beatitudes, Magdala, Church of Multiplication, Bethsaida, Church of Peter’s Primacy, Church of the Twelve Apostles, Galilee Ancient Boat

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