Pioneers Of Personalized Journeys

Welcome to Net Travels, an indigenous travel company in Israel, where we specialize in providing an exclusive and high-end travel experience for travelers. We offer a variety conceptual day tours, including historical, cultural, and religious tours, as well as culinarian and adventurous packages, all tailored to the unique needs and interests of our clientele.

About Us

We understand that the modern traveler is looking for something truly unique, so we offer tailor-made travel packages that allow you to customize your own itinerary. Our team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind travel experience that match your preferences and budget. We offer only the finest accommodations, transportation, and activities, to ensure you experience the very best that Israel has to offer.

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of customer service, our guides are top-notch, and we guarantee that every aspect of your trip is carefully planned and executed. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends, we have the perfect travel package for you.

Thank you for choosing our luxury travel company and we look forward to helping you plan your next adventure in Israel.


Netanel Petrushka – Founder & Tour Director
Netanel has a past experience of traveling around the world, as well as leading a variety of individuals, families, small & big groups all over Israel. He became a tour guide in 2010 and ever since then, he is considering himself as a master of customer service. Understanding that traveling is more important than just sightseeing, he dedicates his efforts to connecting the finest details together, ensuring that his travelers are always safe, secured and enjoying the best Israel has to offer. After working with the most luxurious travel firms in the US, he decided to establish Net Travels, with an agenda to exceed his travelers’ expectations.

Iris Shtibelman-Petrushka – Content Specialist & Producer
Iris is a talented content specialist who worked for many years with the most well-known brands and social influencers in Israel. During her work with Microsoft, she had established digital communities with a goal to enhance the engagement of the company employees through fields of traveling, lifestyle, finance and philosophy. Just like a cupid, she is always alerted of a possible match, launching her arrows and connecting between people. With a passion for producing compelling content and making meaningful connections, she creates engaging travel narratives that transport travelers to the captivating world of Israel, igniting wanderlust and enhancing their travel experience.

Naomi Schwartz-Petrushka – Relationship & Event Manager
Naomi is among the top leaders in the field of event production in Israel, gaining experience and expertise in the field of food and beverages for 45 years.
During her career, she produced events for a variety of clientele including diplomatic delegations as well as private family events, also for “well-known” people, such as alliances, mitzvahs, weddings, “joys” and more.
Naomi is here to fulfill for you, an experience of excitement and the realization of dreams, as much as possible, while delegating her extensive experience, and her love for the hospitality industry and family events.

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