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A Jewish tour of the Old City of Jerusalem would likely include visits to important historical and religious sites such as synagogues, ancient ruins and would be mostly within the vicinity of the Jewish Quarter. The tour may also include guided walks through the narrow alleys and streets of the Old City, providing a glimpse of the everyday life of the Jewish residents. The tour may also explore the Jewish heritage, culture and religion and its impact on the history of Jerusalem.
1. Start your tour at the Western Wall (Kotel), one of the holiest sites in Judaism. Take time for personal reflection and observe the prayers and rituals of worshippers. Learn about the significance of the Western Wall in Jewish history and its connection to the ancient Jewish Temple.
2. Proceed to Temple Mount, the site of the ancient Jewish Temples and one of the most sacred locations in Judaism. Although access to certain areas may be restricted, you can still appreciate the historical and religious importance of this site from outside its boundaries. Learn about the rich history and the religious significance of Temple Mount.
3. Explore the City of David, an archaeological site that reveals the ancient roots of Jerusalem. Visit the excavations and walk through the ancient tunnels to gain insights into the city’s history during biblical times. Learn about the Jewish presence and the development of Jerusalem as a significant religious and political centre.
4. Enter the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and immerse yourself in its rich heritage. Visit the Hurva Synagogue, a symbol of the Jewish Quarter’s resilience and revival. Learn about the synagogue’s history, destruction, and reconstruction.
5. Embark on a journey through the Western Wall Tunnels, which reveal hidden sections of the ancient Temple Mount’s retaining wall. Explore the underground passages and gain a deeper understanding of the architecture and layout of the Temple complex.
6. Visit the Davidson Centre, located near the southern wall of the Temple Mount. Explore the archaeological park and view exhibits that provide insights into the history and daily life in ancient Jerusalem. Discover artifacts and structures that date back thousands of years.
7. Explore the Herodian Quarter, located adjacent to the Western Wall Plaza. This archaeological site showcases the remains of lavish houses from the time of Herod the Great. Marvel at the well-preserved mosaics, frescoes, and architecture while learning about the affluent Jewish community that once resided there.
8. Conclude your tour with a visit to the Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives. Walk among the ancient graves and learn about the burial traditions and the significance of this location in Jewish belief. Take in the panoramic views of the Old City from this vantage point.

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Western Wall. Temple Mount, City of David, Jewish Quarter, Hurva Synagogue, Western Wall Tunnels ,Davidson Center, Herodian QuarterJewish Cemetery of Mount of Olives

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