Islamic Branches on Mount Carmel


Islamic Branches on Mount Carmel Tour boasts the story of local societies such as the Bahai and the Druze, and would likely include visits to important historical and religious sites that have significant meaning in Islamic history and tradition. The tour may include visits tombs of prophets & saints sacred by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike, located on top of the mountain. The tour may also include a visit to the city of Haifa, which is home to the Baha’i World Center. Additionally, the tour may also include a visit to the Druze village of Isfiya, located on the slopes of the Carmel Mountains. The tour may also include guided hikes through the beautiful landscapes of the Carmel Mountains, providing an opportunity to experience the region’s natural beauty and historical significance in Islamic history and culture.
1. Start your tour by visiting the Tomb of Prophet Elijah (Nabi Haili), located on Mount Carmel. Explore the revered site and learn about the significance of Prophet Elijah in Islamic tradition. Take in the peaceful surroundings and reflect on the spiritual importance of the site.
2. Proceed to the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a prominent landmark of the Bahai faith. Ascend the terraced gardens and enjoy the stunning views of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the principles of the Bahai faith and the beautiful symbolism incorporated into the garden design.
3. Visit Nabi Yusha(Tomb of Joshua), an important religious site for Muslims, located near the village of Fureidis. Explore the tomb and learn about the Islamic connection to Joshua, a revered figure in both Islamic and Jewish traditions. Gain insights into the religious significance and stories associated with Nabi Yusha.
4. Take some time to learn about the Ahmadiyya Community, an Islamic branch that emphasizes peace, interfaith dialogue, and the revival of spiritual teachings. Engage in discussions, learn about their beliefs, and understand their contributions to society.
5. Enjoy a traditional Islamic meal at a local restaurant, savoring dishes influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine. Sample regional specialties such as falafel, hummus, and kebabs while immersing yourself in the local flavors.
6. If time allows, explore other attractions in the area such as the Druze villages of Isfiya or Dalyat el-Carmel, which showcase the cultural diversity and coexistence in the region.

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Prophet Elijah Tomb, Bahai Gardens, Isfiya, Nabi Yusha, Dalyat el-Carmel, Ahmadiyya Community

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