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The Gaza Envelope Geopolitical Tour is an opportunity to explore the complex political and historical issues surrounding the Gaza Strip. The tour is designed to give visitors a comprehensive understanding of the political, economic and social situation of the region and the ongoing conflicts and disputes that have shaped its past and continue to shape its present. Visitors will learn about the history of the Gaza Envelope and the ongoing security challenges it faces due to the proximity to the Gaza Strip, including the rocket attacks from the Gaza strip. The tour will also include a visit to a Kibbutz located near the border, where visitors can learn about the challenges and the impact of the ongoing conflict on the daily life of the residents. The tour will also take visitors to a crossing point, where they can learn about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the challenges of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Throughout the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history, culture and politics of the Gaza Strip and the surrounding areas, and gain a deeper understanding of the ongoing conflicts and disputes in the region.
1. Begin your tour in Sderot, a town located near the Gaza Strip and known for its proximity to the conflict zone. Gain insights into the daily lives of the residents and the challenges they face living under the threat of rocket attacks. Visit the Sderot Media Centre to learn about the impact of the conflict on the local community.
2. Proceed to Netiv Ha’Asara, a community situated close to the border with Gaza. Explore the area and engage with local residents to hear their personal stories and experiences living in the region. Learn about the measures taken to protect the community from potential threats.
3. Visit the homes of Israeli families in the region to gain a deeper understanding of their lives and the impact of the geopolitical situation on their daily routines. Engage in conversations and listen to their perspectives on the ongoing conflict.
4. Head to a Gaza Border lookout point, where you can observe the border with the Gaza Strip from a safe vantage point. Gain insights into the geopolitical dynamics of the area and the challenges faced by both sides of the conflict. Learn about the security measures in place and the efforts made to maintain stability in the region.

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8 hours


Sderot, Nahal Oz Crossing Point, Israeli villages adjacent to the Gaza Barrier, Homes of Israeli families, Gaza Border lookout, Abandoned Israeli military posts

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