Diamonds of Israel


A diamond tour in Israel would be a unique and fascinating experience, offering visitors the opportunity to learn about the country’s rich diamond cutting and polishing industry. The tour would take visitors through the city of Ramat Gan, which is home to the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), one of the world’s largest diamond trading centers. Visitors would have the opportunity to visit diamond cutting and polishing factories, where they would see the intricate process of turning rough diamonds into sparkling gems. They would also have the chance to learn about the history and culture of the diamond industry in Israel, including the journey of the diamond from the mine to the final polished product. Visitors would also have the chance to purchase certified diamonds from the IDE’s diamond bourse, where they can find a wide variety of diamonds at different price points and quality levels. This tour would be perfect for those interested in learning more about diamonds, jewelry, and the luxury business. Overall, a diamond tour in Israel would be an exciting and educational experience, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the country’s diamond industry, its history and the intricate process of transforming rough diamonds into dazzling gems.

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