Wild Edibles Gathering


Gathering edible flora in Israel is a unique and rewarding experience that allows participants to connect with nature and learn about the diverse plant life of the region.
 One popular gathering activity is the “Wild Edibles Gathering Tour”, where participants explore the countryside with a knowledgeable guide who can identify and explain the different plants and their culinary uses. They gather wild herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and learn how to prepare them in traditional Israeli dishes.
 Another option is the “Olive Harvest Gathering Tour”, where participants join local farmers to harvest olives from ancient trees and learn about the history and culture of olive oil production in the region. They can also participate in cooking workshops and tastings that showcase the versatility and health benefits of olive oil.
 Gathering edible flora in Israel can be done year-round, with different plants available in different seasons. It requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to identify and gather the right plants safely, but with the guidance of experienced guides and farmers, participants can gain a deeper appreciation for the natural bounty of the region and the importance of sustainable and ethical harvesting practices.

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